For just $34 US per month, you can help a child get an education in a Christian school where the plan of salvation is taught, and the opportunity for your child to accept Christ as his or her Savior is offered. Our goal is to give the children the opportunity to rise up out of extreme poverty to someday become Christian leaders in their country in all areas (government, education, medicine, churches, business, and in their own home and families). We are seeing this happening after twenty years of child sponsorship in Nicaragua! What a joy it is to witness this!

In a country where nearly half the population lives in extreme poverty (with no safety nets as we have in the U.S. and Canada), and very little middle class, a Christian education for a child is priceless. A good number of our children are the first member of their family to graduate from 6th grade--cause for celebration! This is a big deal because normally, at the age of 12 or younger, a child would leave school because a family would need that child to help support the family by helping a parent work in the market or sell things on the street. Often families are so proud of their graduating child that they are willing to sacrifice to send that child on to higher grades.

We use the community model in our sponsorship program where the sponsorship money is pooled to help pay the expenses of the school (teachers, utilities, guard, repairs) so that all the children get the benefit.  Our goal is to keep the doors of the Christian schools open because if a school closes, it is unlikely to re-open. Sponsor children are chosen as representatives of their school, and consider it to be an honor. As a sponsor you have the opportunity to stand in prayer for your child, as well as be a huge source of encouragement to them through cards, letters, photos, and small (in size and value) gifts to your child. You can also go on a mission trip and visit your child.

“…Whatever you did for the least of these, you did for me.”  Matthew 25:40

Yasun Nicole Zamora Orosco

Yasun is in the 3rd grade, and her favorite subject is writing. After school, she enjoys studying. She lives with her mother, Grandmother, Aunts and her brother Enmanuel. Her mother is a homemak...

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Yeilin Valeska Madrigal Davila

Yeilin is in the 2nd grade, and her favorite subject is Math.  After school, she does her homework and helps around the home by sweeping.  She lives with her parents, her sister Maycol...


Yeldrin Rivera

Yeldrin is a active and fun second grader. He is best friends with his twin brother and together they both friendly and caring to everyone they come into contact with.

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Yesly Aracely Nuñez Gonzalez-BPMG

Yesly is in the 3rd grade, and her favorite subject is English.  After school, she likes to play with friends, and her favorite activity is dancing.  She lives with her parents and sib...

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